Saplings Nurture Provision

Fliss Hardie

Beth Tanton

Kerry May
HLTA/Saplings Leader

‘If the child is unable to adjust to the needs of the school, then the school must adjust to meet the needs of the child.’
(Marjorie Boxall)

Saplings Nurture Provision

Positive attachments create powerful change

Welcome to our nurture provision ‘Saplings’.

This is a specialist provision within South Rise Primary School for children who experience difficulties, which are impacting on their behaviour for learning, self-esteem and ability to build relationships and thrive in a mainstream classroom.

In Saplings, our children develop positive relationships with teachers and peers through immersion in a learning space that is intended to be a hybrid of home and school.  The day begins with a breakfast and the opportunity to share news. The children also enjoy activities such as cooking, gardening, art, Forest School, football coaching, mindfulness and circle time.

Expectations of academic progress are high in Saplings and we are able to provide the children with learning that is highly differentiated and adapted to their learning needs. The flexible nature of the Nurture Provision and the ratio of staff to children enables the children to fully develop and embed learning in a variety of contexts.


The Six Principles of a Nurture Group

  • Children's learning is understood developmentally

  • The classroom offers a safe base

  • The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

  • Language is a vital means of communication

  • All behaviour is communication

  • The importance of transition in children's lives


Parent/Carer Feedback

In Saplings, we believe that parental involvement is at the heart of our children's learning journey.  Our provision always invites parents and carers in for special occasions, and we have a weekly "Stay and Play" session, where parents and carers spend time with their children, playing board games, reading books or building in the construction area. At the end of every cohort, we survey our parents' experiences of their child's time in our provision, with a questionnaire, which we utilise to ensure that our provision is of the highest quality.

Here is some of our recent feedback from parents and carers:

"I'm grateful for every little effort they have put into [my child's] studies."

"I am so happy, it has changed [my child's] behaviour. Thank you!"

"They helped my [child] so much. I think its wonderful!"

[Response to question: Please say three things you liked most about your child being part of Saplings?] "The teachers that work with my child. I get to see my child's progress regularly"

"I am so happy [my child] got well"

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