Anti-Bullying - Advice for Parents

Parents, who are concerned that their child might be being bullied, or who suspect that their child may be involved in bullying, should contact their child’s class teacher or the Head Teacher immediately.  Parents have a responsibility to support our schools’ anti-bullying policy and to actively encourage their child to be a positive member of our school.

  • Make time to be with your children and to listen to them.
  • Do not ignore your children if they say they are worried about school.
  • Encourage your children to tell you what has been happening at school.  (You may wish to report incidents to enable staff to investigate).
  • Be vigilant for signs of distress shown by your children.
  • Be a good listener - listen calmly but with interest, establish the full facts before giving advice, or reporting the incident.
  • Bullying is never acceptable. Do not tell your child to "Just put up with it". Action needs to be taken to stop the bullying.

What we will do:

We are committed to working with all parents to ensure that every one of our pupils is safe and happy in school.

We will support you and take the following action:

  • Meet with you as soon as possible to discuss the problem.
  • Fully investigate the issues.
  • Take appropriate action.
  • Keep you informed.

What we will do together:

  • Create an atmosphere of trust and self-worth both at school and at home.
  •  Communicate with each other regularly.
  •  Be aware of any signs that show your child may be unhappy.

Whenever you have any concerns about your child, contact your child’s Class Teacher or Mrs Powell, Head Teacher.

You can also contact Mrs Chana, PSHE Coordinator, or Mrs Warman, Learning Mentor, if you have any concerns about bullying.