Speech and Language Therapy

 September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


You may be aware that there is a Speech and Language Therapist who works in your child / children’s school on a regular basis. All schools in Greenwich work to promote children’s communication skills throughout the school day. We help schools to support the communication of all children in a variety of ways which may include:

  • Training for the school team
  • Training for parents
  • Adapting the environment and teaching style to promote communication
  • Demonstrating activities
  • Raising awareness of communication difficulties
  • Setting up small group work opportunities, led by a teacher / teaching assistant
  • Helping staff to identify needs and ways that they can help
  • Identifying appropriate groups and services in the community that might support children’s needs
  • Modelling communication strategies and activities that can be applied throughout the day at home or in the classroom

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have continued to work with schools virtually using variety of ways, including liaison with school staff, telephone contacts with families, video-based assessment and intervention sessions and attendance at virtual meetings. We are working towards a virtual first way of working, meaning that all of the above are carried out via teletherapy. Where this is not possible, we may come into school when it is clinically and practically indicated. We can reassure you that for any face to face visits, our speech and language therapists will either maintain social distancing throughout the duration of their visit, or ensure they are wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) where a distance of 2m cannot be maintained. PPE will include the use of a fluid-resistant mask (plus disposable gloves and disposable plastic apron as required).


If you would like to know more about our service, please speak to your child’s class teacher or school SENCO.

If you would prefer your child not to participate in Speech and Language Therapy activities, please let the school know.  

If your school does not hear from you, they will assume that you are happy for your child to participate in general Speech and Language Therapy activities as appropriate.

If at any point the school or Speech and Language Therapist feels your child would benefit from a more specific and detailed communication assessment, the school will contact you to gain your consent prior to referring to the therapist for an assessment.


Yours sincerely

Speech and Language Therapy Team