A message from Greenwich Children’s Integrated Therapies:

Greenwich Integrated Therapies: Information for referrers 

Greenwich Integrated Therapies (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy & Speech and Language Therapy) continue to support children, young people and their families at this time, but in a range of new ways.  


Face-to-face appointments 

A small number of face-to-face appointments are taking place each week, usually in the child’s home. These appointments are for children whose needs cannot be met without face to face assessment/intervention (e.g. swallowing assessments, seating/postural reviews). 


Telephone and video appointments 

Most children on our caseloads are being offered telephone and video appointments and assessment/intervention is taking place remotely. Some parent workshops have been delivered 1:1 over the phone while other workshops have been re-written so that parents can access them via email. Most intervention is taking place with families 1:1 although some small group interventions have also been successful. 


Children with EHCPs 

All children with quantified input on their EHCP were contacted at least once before Easter to assess their level of risk and discuss possible intervention options.  All children will be contacted again this term and offered a reasonable alternative to provision, dependent on the child’s individual circumstances. If we are unable to make contact with a child or family, we will highlight the family to the school SENCO so that further investigations or support can be provided. 


School Years 

In addition to the above, all School Years Speech and Language Therapists are emailing their mainstream school SENCO on a weekly basis to ensure close and effective working between the school and the therapist. The therapist informs the SENCO of the family’s response to intervention offers, discusses what plans have been made and enlists the support of the SENCO where required. 


Special Schools 

Within special schools, a communication plan has been developed for those vulnerable CYP and families who require close support during the pandemic to ensure all needs are identified and can be addressed remotely. 

One teacher and member of therapy staff is linked to an individual CYP so that any relevant information from the weekly school phone call is disseminated to the therapy team for action.  


Early Years 

Drop-in assessment clinics are all being held remotely. Families can contact us by calling 020 8836 8621 or by emailing us on oxl-tr.askinttherapiesadvice@nhs.net A member of the team will then contact them to carry out an assessment over the phone, provide advice and decide whether a referral to one of our services is required. 

Our teams can be contacted by phone on 020 8836 8621 or by email on: oxl-tr.askinttherapiesadvice@nhs.net