Year 2 Transition Information

  • Each class in Year 2 has taken part, or will take part, in a transition lunch break. This means that they will go out to their lunch break in the big playground and eat their lunch in the upper the hall. This has given the children vital experience of their new playground routine.
  • As the year has progressed, we have expected pupils to become more and more independent, completing their learning without direct adult support when necessary. This will continue up until the end of the year, including pupils writing their own Learning Intentions and dates in their books and sticking their own learning in too.
  • Pupils have engaged in whole class guided reading sessions for some time, which they will also experience in Year 3 and above.
  • The children will visit the Year 3 classrooms and find out where the toilets are and the entrance they will have to use to enter the building in the morning.
  • We are holding a Year 2 to Year 3 Transition Parent Meeting before the end of the year – a letter of invitation will arrive soon. This is just for the adults, not your child. We will explain what the day looks like in Year 3, give key pieces of information and give examples of learning that could be done over the summer holidays.
  • Later this term there will be an afternoon, along with the rest of the school, when your child meets their new teacher and spends time in their new classroom.

At home we ask that you just start to talk about Year 3 and how exciting it will be.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask


Jack Curry

KS1 Phase Leader