Making Roman Shields

In year 3 for the past two weeks, we have spent time designing and making Roman shields. Firstly, we researched Roman shields, specifically, the types of colours and patterns that were used and why. For instance, most shields used the colour red which relates to the God Mars, god of war.

Secondly, we started to make the structure of the shield. We cut out strips of cardboard to act as ribs, to strength the shield, and handles. These also give the shields their curved shape.

Next, we covered the front of the shield with PVA and newspaper. This strengthened the shield and made it easier to paint. Like the real Roman shields, this meant our shields were layered in different materials.

After this, we painted the shield its base colour; most used red but some used other colours such as blue or yellow. To create the pattern, we cut out strips of card and stuck them to the shield with PVA glue. Finally, some children used yoghurt pots to create the central hemisphere that would have protected a soldier’s hand.