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Our Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage encompasses both Nursery and Reception. Children in our Nursery have fantastic facilities for both indoor and outdoor learning. We aim to create safe, stimulating learning environments both indoors and outdoors which encourage the children to make independent choices and explore confidently.

Every child in the Nursery has an online learning journal that will be added to by Nursery staff who will take photographs and record videos of significant moments.  The learning journal is a secure document and can only be accessed by named staff and named family members via email.  The learning journal is a great way for parents and carers to find out about their child’s learning.  Parents can add their own comments, or even their child’s comments about their learning.


Book borrowing

Fostering a love of books has a life long impact on children’s educational attainment.  At South Rise we have a large collection of books suitable for children to borrow and return.  At the beginning of the session, please support your child with selecting a book to take home and share with you.  Staff will support you with this process.  All children will need a book bag in order to transport books from school to home.  Book bags are available to purchase from the office.


Key Person

South Rise nursery will allocate your child a key person. Your child's key person will support your child during settling in.  During your child’s time at nursery the key person will be responsible for monitoring your child’s development and progress through observations, photographs and keeping examples of their creativity and successes in their ‘Learning Journals’.


The Foundation Stage Curriculum

Children from birth to five years of age are in the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is recognised as a separate stage of learning, laying the foundations for when children begin more formal education. There is an emphasis on learning through active play, with children encouraged to build on their individual needs and interests.

The three prime areas are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

The four specific areas of development are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The curriculum is planned to promote progress in all areas of learning as prime and specific areas of learning development are all interconnected. All areas of learning are delivered through planned, purposeful play, with both, child initiated and adult-led activities. We recognise and support the unique differences in children and develop their self-confidence by building on what they can do. We also encourage children to become decision makers and problem solvers who can plan, carry out their chosen activities and later reflect on their play. Children are encouraged to play individually and in cooperation with other children and adults.

Forest school

We are fortunate to have an on site forest school area and a trained forest school leader.  Each child will have the opportunity to experience forest school fortnightly.  In order to fully benefit please ensure your child has a pair of wellington boots kept on their peg, that are labelled with their name.  We have a set of high quality waterproofs for each child attending.  However, on the odd occasion your child may become wet or muddy and this is an integral part of their learning experience.


We have a school uniform for South Rise. The school colour is Navy. School sweatshirts and cardigans, with the school logo, are available to purchase from the school office. All clothing must be clearly marked with your child's name. We expect pupils to wear "sensible" black shoes (i.e. flat shoes that do up and are secure on a child's foot and that will allow pupils to engage safely in all school activities).  Please ensure your child’s uniform is labelled with their name. 

Children are not permitted to wear jewellery to school. This includes earrings as jewellery can cause injuries whilst playing outdoors.

We value outdoor play experiences and therefore use our outdoor area in all weather. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately depending on the weather.  During winter months all children will need a warm coat.  In summer months please try to provide your child with appropriate clothing and a sun hat.

As your child will be climbing and running no open toe sandals are allowed in nursery. We ask parents to take responsibility for applying a sun screen to all exposed areas of children’s skin before nursery.

To make life easier for your child to use the toilet independently it is best if children wear clothes that are easy to manage and that belts should be avoided.


Autumn 2 2017

We are now in the second half of the Autumn term and the children are now well settled and appear to be really enjoying nursery.  This half term we would like to open our doors on Thursdays and invite parents and carers in for the first half hour of the school day to “Stay and Play” with your child from 8.45 until 9.15 in the morning or 12.45 to 1.15 in the afternoon.

Our learning unit for this half term is Traditional Tales and for this the children will be reading and retelling lots of stories that you will be familiar with.  We will be reading some old favourites such as the Gingerbread Man, and Goldilocks and the three bears and using our curriculum and provision to explore the stories further to encompass all our areas of learning.  It was a real pleasure to welcome parents in to nursery to show the children how they celebrate Diwali.  If you wish to come in and share something from your culture, or share a skill with the children then please let us know. 


Thank you to all the parents who are becoming “weavers” posting pictures and videos on Tapestry.  If you are not yet connected to Tapestry please come and speak to Michelle who will add your email address.  Please remember to keep your log in secure and please do not post any pictures on any other social media.   PLEASE NOTE: we regularly post pictures and videos of our fantastic learning on the school twitter feed on our South Rise website. 


In nursery we focus on phase one Letters and Sounds.  For this we are developing our listening skills and learning to tune into environmental sounds and to distinguish one sound from another.  

Name writing at home

Please remember to use lower case letters except for the first letter. Please be reassured that writing is something that children take a long time to master and will develop over a period of time.  We will be practising name writing regularly in class.  Just remember… little and often!

Supporting self help skills. 

Good self-help skills are vital for your child’s independence both at school and at home.  Please encourage your child to put on their coats independently, as this will support them when getting ready to play outside or for home time.  Children should also be able to put their shoes on by themselves or with a little help from you with the laces or buckles. 

Cold weather

Now that winter is approaching, please ensure that your child is equipped with a warm winter coat for outdoor play.  The children play outside in all weathers and we view the nursery garden as part of our classroom.  In addition, it would be fantastic if every child had a pair of wellington boots kept at nursery for use at forest school and for outdoor play. 

Spare Clothes

Please ensure that your child has a complete change of clothes left on their peg.  This is essential when we need to change your child’s clothing.  Also, it really helps if all clothing is labeled with their name. 

Afternoon Parents

Please note that the Elmley Street gate will open at 12.45 and close at 1.00.  Please ensure that you arrive punctually to drop your child off, letting them self-register and write their name before you leave.  All parents will need to leave by 1.00.  There is no access through the school and if you are late leaving you will have to wait until a member of staff is able to leave the room to escort you out. 

Snack Money

Many thanks to all the parents who are contributing money every week.  The children really enjoy their snacks and the money enables us to provide an even more interesting and exciting curriculum. 


URGENT…. Applying for a Reception place…URGENT…

Please note the deadline for applying for a school place is the 15th January 2018.   All parents and carers will need to apply via the eadmissions website.     

Thank you for all your support with your child’s learning. 


Thank you for your continued support.   Michelle, Amber, Sandra and Glenda

Nursery Latest News

In nursery we are learning about traditional tales. We read the Gingerbread Man together and then we explored the story through our play. We used puppets and props to retell the story, we made gingerbread playdough and baked our own gingerbread men.

Posted: Tuesday 21st November 2017, 2:31pm

Nursery have been finding out about the celebration of Diwali. We have built a temple out of boxes, made our own raita and tasted it with poppadum, played with spice flavoured playdough, made our own pooja lamps using clay and danced to Hindi music.

Posted: Thursday 19th October 2017, 9:27am

The children in nursery have been reading Handa’s Surprise and Handa’s Hen. As part of their learning they have explored the fruit using sight, touch, smell and taste.

Posted: Wednesday 11th October 2017, 4:36pm
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