Year 4

SPRING 1  -  2018

We are delighted to welcome back the children to the Spring Term of Year Four.  This term we will be studying robots and electronics.  We will be learning computer programming through the Lego ‘WeDo’ project, building a range of Lego robots and programming them to move.  Through these and other projects, we will be learning about electrical circuits.  This learning will be further supported by geography lessons about where natural sources of energy can be found around the world.

Rise of the Robots

During the Spring term, Year 4 will be learning about the role of technology in our lives. 

Our Central Idea is:

Harnessing sources of power has enabled people to advance the world of technology.

English and Mathematics

This term we will continue to take a cross-curricular approach to all of our learning.  All English and Maths learning will relate as much as possible to our Central Idea and the book, ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.  In English we will be writing narratives, arguments and explanation texts all based on the events in the story. In Maths we will link our study of geometry, shape, multiplication and division to robots. Science this term is an exciting exploration of the properties of electricity and how it is harnessed.

Home Learning

The homemade robots the students have brought in have been to a very high standard.  Thank you for supporting your child in expanding their knowledge and understanding of the topic.  To keep the momentum high, please discuss your child’s learning with them each evening.  They love to share what they have learned!  Additionally, each week your child is given a spelling and times table activity which is quizzed on Friday. Children should be reading independently every night for a minimum of twenty minutes. It is very important that you record your child’s nightly reading in the Home Learning Journal.

P.E & Swimming

Please check the following timetable to help your child prepare for their P.E. sessions:








4RG Swimming

4JR Swimming


4FM Swimming

We strongly recommend children bring their PE kit in on a Monday and keep it in school until Friday. Children should wear black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls. 

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs. Gambier           Mr. Moore                 Mr. Reynolds            Miss Taylor

Year 4 Latest News

This term Year 4 have been studying the Tudors. As part of this topic we studied the very famous William Shakespeare and linked this learning across multiple subjects. As a result, we decided to explore The Shakespearean play The Tempest in English.

Posted: Wednesday 24th May 2017, 5:53pm

On Thursday, 23d February 2017, Year Four took a visit to the Unicorn Theatre, London Bridge. Firstly, we took a very exciting journey down to the River Thames and enjoyed taking in the sights including Tower Bridge, The Tower of London and City Hall.

Posted: Wednesday 8th March 2017, 5:42pm

Thirty children from Year 4 had a fantastic journey to the Wide Horizons centre in Wrotham. Whilst there they challenged themselves to climb higher, dig deeper and push a little further.

Posted: Thursday 23rd June 2016, 5:12pm
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