Year 1

Autumn 1 - 2018

Welcome back

We hope you all enjoyed your summer holidays and spending time relaxing with family and friends. We are looking forward to our first term and we will start our learning straightaway with our new topic, ‘Adventures at Sea’.

Unit of Learning                          

As an introduction to the year we will be using The Moon Balloon and different types of music to explore different emotions and how they make us feel. As part of our main topic, we will be looking at famous pirates in history and what life aboard a pirate ship would have been like. We will be looking at different pirate ships and designing and making our own, with a focus on Design and Technology skills.  In Science, we will be looking at the best materials to use and their properties alongside the seasons and the changes from Autumn to Winter.


We are looking forward to exploring a range of pirate stories like Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs and writing our own adventure stories and non-fiction reports. This will happen alongside daily phonic lessons and opportunities to develop their cursive handwriting and letter formation. 


In Maths we will work on numbers to 10/20 and use them to add, subtract and introduce the idea of grouping and sharing. We will also be looking at shapes and their properties and making our own pirate ships with different 2d shapes.

Home Learning

We believe reading at home is an important way of supporting your child with their learning at school. We recommend that children read to an adult every evening for about ten minutes. Please also ensure that your child brings their book bag to school every day so they are able to take a range of books home at their book band level and so teachers are able to comment and provide suggestions to help you, too. Spellings will be sent home each week. Please encourage your child to read the word, cover and write the word, then check for accuracy. We will go through the spellings as a class on a Friday. We will also add an overview of the aims for the week with suggestions for you of little tasks to do at home to support this.

Uniform and P.E. kit

Children will be doing P.E. twice a week as part of their school learning. We would prefer they bring their kit to school on a Monday and take it home on a Friday. For P.E. children should wear black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, white t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls.


Please see the class teacher if you would like to help out with activities in school. Our reading volunteers provide a fantastic opportunity for many of our children to enjoy extra one to one reading. This makes a big difference to the children’s progress and self-confidence.


Many thanks for your continued support

Alix Cornwell, Lily Yohai-Slattery and  Catherine Keel.

Year 1 Latest News

In Science last week, we discussed what our senses are and which part of the body they related to. We did a carousel of 6 activities to think and learn about each of our senses. For smell, we looked at a diagram of how the nose works. We then smelt different substances and had to write down what we thought we had smelt on a whiteboard.

Posted: Wednesday 15th March 2017, 5:20pm

All of Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We came to school dressed up as a character from our favourite book. We also brought in a copy of that book to share with our friends in class.

Posted: Wednesday 8th March 2017, 5:46pm

Last week in Maths, we played a game that required us to use our previous knowledge of odd and even numbers. We had a game board and in pairs we threw a dice.

Posted: Wednesday 8th March 2017, 5:44pm
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