Free Educational Websites, Apps and Resources

During the school closure, many educational website and apps are offering free access to their sites for the next couple of months. As a school, we thought we would put together a selection of recommended ones you can access or sign up for in order to keep your children entertained and educated. We will continue to update our list as we find out more.

Maths ideas A fantastic set of short video lessons, resources and answers for the children to keep up those maths skills. White Rose are updating this daily.

English ideas Brought to you by The British Council, LearnEnglish Kids offers games, songs, stories, and activities for children aged 5-12.

Phonics ideas Use the username: march20 password: home for free use during the whole period that schools are closed. This is amazing website for the children to practise their phonics for 10-15 minutes daily.

Science ideas Here, they'll find balloon rocket experiments and learn what happens when sugar dissolves into tea, along with a bunch of other cool experiments for ages 4-19. You can always rely on the Science Museum to spark an interest in learning. And while there's nothing like being there in person, the website is packed full of creative games and activities.

Art and DT ideas You may never have tried soap carving or textile weaving but that doesn't mean your child can't. And thanks to this website they can access craft tutorials like this and even submit their artwork to be displayed in the online gallery.

Music ideas

Mini moog Model D synthesiser app (keyboard with different sounds that can be downloaded free during this period) (has music as well as art activities and games) (educational music games as well as other subjects)

The Rhythm Trainer (free app that allows children to practise rhythm and reading rhythmic notation)

Mindfulness and Exercise Here is a link to go noodle which is useful for all sorts, exercise/ mindfulness. We use it a lot for wet play. It is probably more suitable for Nursery to year 3 but may be encourage older children to join in with younger siblings. We will suggest that they do a mindfulness and exercise session everyday.

All subjects ideas This area of the Plazoom website has lots of free resources and activities to keep the children entertained at home Your child may have to stay inside but that doesn't mean they can't get nature savvy. With this website hey can become Naturenaughts, plus learn how to identify different insects, plants, and fossils. With everything from songs, craft recipes, and multi-cultural teachings, this site is a great resource for 5-7 year-olds. This website is home to thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject. Think your child would like to learn how to make a bird feeder? How about a snow globe? Or even binoculars? Here they can do all this and more while learning about animals and the environment. Step outside of the box with DKfindout!, which lets kids explore subjects as broad as transport, space, dinosaurs, and computer coding assisted by quizzes and videos.

Not forgetting all the amazing weblinks and activities we have on our Home Learning Section of the website: